Who We Are


Our Purpose

Facilitating Waste Transformation On a Massive Scale

Our Purpose

Facilitating Waste Transformation On a Massive Scale

Our Story

WasteWorks began as a project idea, to test out sustainable design methods during one of the module’s at THNK School of Creative Leadership. Using the landfill development in the city of Cap Haitien (Haiti), our small team mapped out stakeholders in the waste management industry and reframed Haiti to becoming a ground zero for waste transformation innovation. 
While in Amsterdam, which is a major hub for sustainable and circular solutions, we were introduced to waste transformation companies that work with organic materials, electronics, plastics, tires, styrofoam and textiles. Our research led to understanding that our societal and economic systems are overdue for redesign.  
We are passionate about people living with dignity and having agency over their environment. We believe in developing an alternative that promotes equity. We are here to help the current system of trash management undergo a drastic evolution towards turning waste into value.

Meet the Team


Regine Zamor

Regine is a visionary and creative entrepreneur that believes every person has the right to reach their true potential.  She is driven by generating ideas and solutions that benefit people from all walks of life.  Working within international development for over 10 years, Regine has held leadership positions in programs significant to Haiti's development.  To remedy the need for a fresh new approach to Haiti’s challenges Regine created Ayiti Nexus, a firm that designs transformative, sustainable, and replicable solutions through a modern developing world perspective.  Struck by a seemingly hopeless global trash crisis Regine established WasteWorks in 2018. Regine is fascinated by ecosystems that forge alliances to address deep-rooted challenges through new solutions.  She spends her time reading about and envisioning what it would mean to generate both profits and social value, economic systems that are non exploitative, how value is perceived and true sustainability.  Driven by possibilities, Regine is an example of the power of transformation and how creativity can lead to self-discovery, a sense of potential, and change.


Yoshi Hashimoto

Yoshi wants to see a world where individuals are empowered to reach their potential — to create an environment where individuals can perform effectively. At the macro-level it is about taking care of our planet so our children and the next generation can live the lives that they deserve and can strive.  Yoshi started his professional career as an investment banker focused on corporate finance, and now focuses on making an impact inside-out for an information analytics company. Planning, delivering and managing change has been at the heart of both his roles.  Yoshi is passionate about leadership, and aspires to not only hone his leadership capabilities but also to find ways to take part in leadership development for his country, Japan. He’s a believer in the value of cross and interdisciplinary collaboration as a powerful way to drive change.

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