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"The only way to fix a system that is laid out poorly is to rebuild it, if you can."

– Donella H. Meadows

WasteWorks is driven by a network of supporters that are passionate about waste and invested in the longterm potential of SCRAPS. We were established through a co-creative process and embrace collaboration as a central component of our business. Here are a few ways to engage with us:

Our Relationship with Trash

WasteWorks has taken our team on a journey to Haiti, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, and The Netherlands to explore the context of waste.  What we learned is that mismanaged waste exists even if it is not visible.  In fact, it can be argued that mismanaged waste begins before it is physically created.  It is a frame of mind, engrained in belief and economic systems that limit and produce disparities.  The status-quo systems have left us with overwhelming problems that many are trying to solve, but we cannot do so without exploring its roots.  Our Relationship with Trash is a conversation that demystifies the overwhelming challenge of trash, highlights the ingenuity of the streets and the innovation of the future.  

Framework Design

Through recording and packaging our 2-year research and development process, we advise on systems change around sustainable waste management.  Using our framework, complexities are transformed into a collective ability to learn, adapt, and, crucially innovate.


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